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Cyprus Beaches
Appreciate The Stunning Beauty

Cyprus beaches... fancy soaking up the sun or a bit of outdoor adventure in the mediterranean?

Maybe you envisage yourself relaxing in one of those little sandy coves tucked away along the coast? Or, imagine slumping back in a high powered speedboat, tearing along the Meditteranean, fresh sea spray in your face...Well, solitude AND outdoor adventure are not difficult to find.

Where are the best ones?

Personally, we recommend heading for the South East of the Island. Anywhere is beautiful around here, but one area that is popular with young families and couples is Protaras. Protaras is a major resort in the Famagusta district and boasts to have the best sandy beaches. They're well known for their white-gold sand, secluded sea coves and crystal clear azure waters.

What Kind of Beach Can You Expect

There is an overabundance of beaches in Cyprus, so you're spoilt for choice. You have your broad based beaches such as Macronissis Beach in Ayia Napa and Fig Tree Beach in Protaras. They're typically busy with holiday makers, jam packed with water sports and buzzing with activity. On the other end of the scale, you have the tranquility of Serena Bay in Pernera or Ayia Triada, in Kapparis. Both are very scenic and hidden away from the masses. Generally, Protaras and Ayia Napa have white-gold sand with calm waters. They're great spots for Diving. Where as the typical Larnaca Beach has darker sand or pebbles. The waters tend to be a little more turbulent, with shore break waves. This is perfect for Kite surfing.

Cyprus Beaches - Firemans Beach

Enhance enjoyment with some oudoor adventure

You wont be stumped for things to do, as the majority of them cater for water sports. If outdoor adventure and watersports are your thing, then head to Fig Tree Beach, in Protaras. There are a few operators here and they facilitate for almost anything out in the sea. In fact, there's plenty of beaches on the South East of the Island that cater for watersports.

Or, fancy some peace and tranquility?

Then there's plenty of hidden gems peppered around the Island. We'd say Fireman's beach in Kapparis, Protaras is one of them. The main strip can get a little congested but there's secluded, little sandy coves tucked away for your peace and enjoyment. You want to get down there just after sunrise though. Its a popular little haunt, even in low season. You can see families and couples hosting their own barbeques and private parties, with what seems like their own private swimming area.

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