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Everyone might associate the shores of Malibu beach with beautiful, tanned celebrities but little do they know that you can find an array of Cyprus famous people right off the coast of Greece in Cyprus!

I've put together a list of Cyprus famous people for you star-watchers out there because you simply do not know who you might be rubbing shoulders with in the Cyprus sunshine! Cyprus is THE place to holiday for many starlets, young and old!

Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Stelios is the founder of EasyJet airline and one of Cyprus's favourite celebrities! Starting Easy Jet at the age of 28, this billionaire is of Greek Cypriot origins, however he now resides in London, Monaco and Athens - what a life hey!

Stelios (who prefers to be called by his first name) was the son of a very successful Greek shipping owner from whom he received the capital to launch his own shipping business at the age of just 25. After selling that company to a rival, Stelios launched easyJet airlines and to this day remains the biggest single shareholder! He has since started a huge range of ventures including easyHotel, easyCar, easyBus and many more.

Cyprus Famous People - Stelios Haji-Ioannou

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Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi, an internationally renowned pop star, was born and raised in Cyprus! While she is most famous in Cyprus and Greece, the beautiful starlet has also received acclaim in the United States and Europe!

Since the mid 90's, Anna has enjoyed platinum success 28 times in Greece and even hit the number one spot on the US Billboard Dance chart! Married to Greek composer Nikos Karvelas, Anna is very loyal to her homeland and in fact is holding a huge summer concert in Athens this year!

Cyprus Famous People - Anna Vissi

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Peter Andre and Katie Price (aka Jordan)

The paparazzi loving (and newly separated), Katie Price and Peter Andre are some famous celebs you might have spotted while visiting Cyprus. Of all the Cyprus famous people, Pete is probably the best well known. He was born in London but is of Greek Cypriot descent.

While Katie and Peter were together, the interesting couple purchased a million pound property in Cyprus. And were often photographed enjoying the sunshine, beaches and lavish living that so goes hand in hand with the Cyprus lifestyle of the rich and famous!

Cyprus Famous People - Katie and Peter

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Marcos Baghdatis

Marcos is a Cyprian golden child and pro tennis player! A 2006 Wimbledon semi finalist and Australian Open runner up, Marcos has had an exemplary career so far and shows no signs of slowing down! The famous Cypriot is rumoured to be dating the stunning Camille Neviere however he definitely keeps his personal life under wraps, it's hard to dig up any dirt on this tennis pro!

Cyprus Famous People - Marcos Baghdatis

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Stavros Flatley

Who can forget Stavros Flatley? Demetrius and Lago are a father and son act who entertained us with their comedy dance act in Britain's Got Talent 2009. It was a bizarre but humorous act that kept the viewers glued to their screens.

The duo are Greek Cypriots who currently reside in London, where Demetrius once ran a Greek restaurant. It was there he first started doing his entertaining dances, after dinner was served in the restaurant. It's a tongue in cheek act, where Stavros is a typical Greek Cypriot name and Flatley refers to the famous Irish River Dancer. They've reportedly signed a 100K deal to dance at Greek Restaurants to pull in the punters.

Cyprus Famous People - Stavros Flatley

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So there you have it, there's just a few of the Cyprus famous people you might catch a glimpse of on your visit to this beautiful island. It might not be a big country but there are some big stars that were born on Cyprus soil! Cyprus is a beautiful country with a rich history, amazing sights and special people - plus you never know who you might end up running into on the sandy shores.

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