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Cyprus is known for its rich history, amazing landscape and lively culture and the Cyprus nightlife does not disappoint either! The charming coastal towns and cities in the Republic of Cyprus are full of exciting nightclubs, beautiful restaurants and elegant cafes that become full of life after sunset - and an amazing sunset at that!

You'll find the nightlife particularly fun in areas like Fig Tree Bay, Ayia Napa, Protaras, Kapparis and Larnaca. These hotspots are great for couples, families and young holiday makers alike. I've put together this piece and further pages to highlight some of the best places to go in the world of Cyprus nightlife!

The nightlife in Cyprus is known to be quite relaxed and low key in all of these areas which is why it's perfect for families and couples who aren't looking for a wild party. However there are some fantastic nightclubs in which the 'young ones' will love to let their hair down!

One of the better nightclubs to visit in Ayia Napa is Club Emporium. This club is recommended by tourists and locals alike and is considered to be one of the leading clubs in Cyprus. You'll find Club Emporium just off the main square of Cyprus' busiest resort and you'll enjoy some of the best DJ's in the world, fantastic dancing and of course some great fellow party-goers! Club Emporium is open from midnight until 4am nightly during the beautiful summer months!

A restaurant in the Protaras area that comes strongly recommended is "Anatolia" which can be easily found on the road leading into the main strip. Anatolia serves amazing local cuisine, is known for very friendly staff and a very reasonably priced menu which makes it even better!

A fun dining experience can be had at the "Camelot" restaurant in Ayia Napa! The Camelot restaurant carries you into a world where knights and wizards reign supreme! You'll enjoy a night of delicious food, fire eating performers, exciting shows and even a sword fight between two knights from time to time! This exciting restaurant is suitable for everyone from tiny tots upwards so it's fun for the whole family!

"Kokos Bar" is another fantastic place to visit while in Cyprus! Kokos is situated in the heart of Pernera and serves awesome food, great drinks and has a huge range of entertainment options to make for a super fun night! At Kokos you'll find wireless internet, an ever-important happy hour, karaoke nights and even poker tournaments! Kokos welcomes families, couples and young people alike, kids under 12 even eat for FREE! Previous visitors to Kokos rave about the cheap drinks, great music and the chicken and mushroom pie with homemade chips and gravy!

Mello bar, as the name suggests, is a real chilled out lounge bar in the heart of Kapparis. It serves some wonderful cocktails as well as a good range of wines, beers and spirits. There's even a pool table for the kids so you can relax outside in the balmy evenings with a glass of champagne. Just so the kids don't feel left out, children's cocktails are available too. What's more, it's open all year round.

So there you have it, just a tiny snippet of the amazing places you'll have to visit to enjoy the Cyprus nightlife experience! Whether you're looking for a casual bar, an amazing restaurant, a chilled out lounge bar or a crazy nightclub! There are tons of great places to let your hair down, enjoy a fantastic meal and of course meet some great fellow holiday makers!

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