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Cyprus is renowned for its amazing nightlife and incredible dining experiences, whether you're looking for junky fast food, a casual bistro or elegant five star cuisine! There are Cyprus restaurants for everyone. Cyprus has basically every dining option you could possibly desire on offer from fast food chains to high quality seafood, traditional Cyprian taverns to Mexican, Indian to steak houses - you name it you've got it!

First up on the recommendation list is Cava in Paralimni which is your traditional Cypriot eaterie with olive trees, palms, lanterns, complete with stone archway. It comes with rave reviews from previous diners! At Cava there are various dishes to choose from. However, one dish you MUST opt for is the "Mezze". Mezze is a traditional Greek dish consisting of lots of smaller dishes coming either together or through the evening - a table-delivered buffet if you will! Basically the principle at this restaurant is that the food will continue to come until you beg them to STOP! You will find lots of delicious Greek influenced dishes at this quaint little restaurant

Fanous is an amazing Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Nicosia that also comes with great recommendations. The area surrounding Fanous is beautiful albeit a little touristy, and the previous diners have even declared their meal there to be one of the best they've ever had! You can expect to enjoy all sorts of delicious Lebanese goodies like fresh-baked flat bread, fragrant chillies with crushed nuts, fried potatoes with spices like coriander and enticing falafel!

cyprus restaurants - view from table in serena bay

Just Italian is perfect for the more reformed diner who appreciates quality with a laid back ambience. At this restaurant I experienced some DELICIOUS meals with immaculate service. Located in Kapparis, just outside Protaras, Just Italian is a contemporary, family friendly, Italian-themed restaurant complete with outdoor seating options. This award winning restaurant will give you a great dining experience from the time you sit down till you wave goodbye. Expect dishes like fresh seafood, juicy fillet steaks, plump grilled vegetables, delicious pastas in rich sauces and exciting salads - if that doesn't make your mouth water I don't know what will!

If you're looking for beachside Cyprus restaurants where you can watch the sun set and enjoy delicious food then you can't go wrong with Art Cafe 1900. Art Cafe 1900 is situated in a renovated townhouse in Larnaca, with great air conditioning to cool you off after a hot day in the sunshine! The cuisine at Art Cafe 1900 can be considered Greecian with a twist and is reported to be amazing! With items on the menu including chicken with wine, mushroom and garlic, pork with onions and tomatoes, slow cooked lamb with oregano and the list goes on!

There are a huge variety of Cyprus restaurants, big or small, low key or fancy and with basically any type of food you could desire. Be adventurous, try new foods and most of all ENJOY your Cyprian adventure!

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The Food at Cultural Del Gusto in Pernera was Fantastic 
The portions and presentation at Cultural Del Gusto in Pernera were fantastic and the service second to none. I would not hesitate to recomend this fantastic …

With regards to Cyprus restaurants, the fresh seafood at Just Italian in Kapparis was just perfect! Not rated yet
I am a huge seafood fan and I love to try new restaurants when I am on holiday. We went into Just Italian (a well known Cyprus restaurant) and I was blown …

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