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Holiday Extras
Here is Your Essential 'Travel To-Do' Checklist

You've booked your flights, found your ideal holiday accommodation and sorted out what cocktail you'll be having by the pool. But before you sit down and relax, there's a few more things you have to consider before your holiday planning is done...

Other than the fun holiday stuff you have to consider the holiday extras...

  • How you will change and collect your foreign currency when you arrive? How much you should have? What the fees will be? What's the best way around it? etc. Get the best foreign currency rates before you go and you will save loads of time in queues and expensive bank card fees.
  • Where and how you're going to park your car while you're away? How much this will cost? And what the cheapest airport parking and location will be? Finding your perfect parking spot before you leave is the best way to save money and rest easy knowing your car is secure!
  • What sort of holiday insurance you will need to protect your family and your belongings while you are away. You'll need to decide what level of cover you require and how to get your hands on the best annual travel insurance.
  • If you're looking at a long flight you might want to consider an airport lounge card.
  • Also, if you're after some essentials for your Cyprus holiday, visit these travel accessories stores for the freshest, budget friendly, stylish accessories.

Best Foreign Currency Rates

Foreign cash is a necessity when it comes to travelling overseas regardless of where you're going or what your budget is. You simply must have your cash organized before you leave. And a great way to do it is by pre-purchasing your foreign currency so you can secure a great conversion rate and simply pick it up when you arrive. You definitely need to add best foreign currency rates to your travel to-do list

Cheapest Airport Parking

Parking isn't cheap at the best of times but airport parking is even more tough on the wallet. Before you go on your next holiday, you should definitely explore the different parking options so that you don't end up burning through your souvenir budget just on car parking! Make sure you check out all the different options at your local airport in order to find the cheapest airport parking

Best Annual Travel Insurance

Holiday insurance is one of those pesky things you just don't want to hand over your hard earned money for but you simply can't go without it. If you have to purchase it, you want to make sure you get the best annual travel insurance. You'll have to suss out what level of cover you need, whether you need holiday + medical and of course what the cheapest package is

Airport Lounge Pass

If you are absolutely dreading facing a long flight then an airport lounge card is definitely what you need. There are affordable airport lounges in almost every major airport around the world and for a small fee you can enjoy comfy chairs, television, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, food, drinks and even shower facilities. These luxuries are holiday extras you don't want to be missing out on!

Travel Accessories Stores

We all want to travel in comfort and security and make life easier for ourselves. The best way is to plan ahead before you travel. You'll find listings of some very popular essentials in our Amazon store to improve your travel and mobile lifestyle. You will definitely travel better and in style using these travel accessories stores and what's more, they're budget friendly.

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