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Are you tired of 12 hour work schedules, the madding crowd and the city traffic? Probably, you need to take some time out and embark on a holiday trip with friends and family. North Cyprus could be a good option for you. You just need to search the internet using the keywords "North Cyprus Holidays" and you would be returned with hundreds of travel websites who could offer you excellent deals. Or, you could sift through our deals

North Cyprus is an ideal place for family vacations. Cyprus has been a British playground for decades and has a colorful history, perfect climate and offers perfect seafood. Your North Cyprus holidays would be made exciting and adventurous by the medieval castles and numerous archeological sites that the town is dotted with. This exotic Mediterranean location has managed to ward off crowd and commotion. North Cyprus holidays mean unspoiled landscape, delicious food and water sports. You are going to treasure the memories of your North Cyprus holidays forever.

On your North Cyprus holidays you cannot afford to miss a tour of the Kyrenia town. Achaean settlers founded this town in the 10th century B.C. This town was earlier a part of the Cyprus kingdom and during the British reign it became the resting town for officers and their families. The Kyrenia Castle still stands tall at the heart of the city and you cannot afford to miss seeing it on your North Cyprus holidays. The Kyrenia castle now hosts plays and shows and also harbors the Shipwreck Museum. It is believed that the ship displayed at the museum is the oldest one discovered and dates back to 300 B.C.

The Kyrenia town had a laid back lifestyle back then and it still continues to remain calm and commotion free. The romantic atmosphere here is sure to bring out the poet in you.

Kyrenia has a lot to offer to those who would love to spend some wild time on their North Cyprus holidays. The town is dotted with bars and restaurants. There are many historic sites in this village including the Shipwreck Museum, the St. Hilarion Castle and the Bellapais village. One of the biggest tourist attractions of the town is the horse shoe shaped harbor. The coast line is dotted with taverns that serve to both the locals and the tourists. The colorful boats and yachts at the harbor reflect the vibrant culture of the town.

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