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Cyprus is one of the oldest cities know to human kind. Discoveries of ancient cities and human activities that went on in Cyprus proved that the city had strong economical set-up. In addition, the geographical location of Cyprus gave this city an advantage by opening its port to all Mediterranean countries thus making business to flourish. Consequently, the present day inhabitants of Cyprus have inherited the economic life of their predecessors in the event where strategies have been put in place to ensure that they have enough supermarkets that holiday makers and even they themselves would envy to go on a shopping streak. To guide you, below are some of the major supermarkets that Cyprus has to offer to the residents and holiday makers.

shopping in cyprus - 3 major supermarkets in cyprus


Carrefour, accompany that was started forty years ago, has about fifteen thousand five hundred stores widely spread all over Europe. Luckily, Cyprus hosts the Carrefour store thus promoting the local economic development of Cyprus. Carrefour in Cyprus offers variety of products both consumable and non-consumable products. In order to meet the specifications and preference of their customers, price, quality, ratio, taste legitimacy, safety, innovation and traceability of the products that the offer must be taken into consideration at the production level. In Carrefour, you will get products such as: Cheese, beverages, read meat and white meet among others. Furthermore, Carrefour is opened all day long.

The Cheap Basket

The Cheap Basket was formed in 1968 by a young man in conjunction with his father in law. Their main motive was to supply groceries in Ermou, Larnaka. The cheap basket is convenient to the Cyprus since it concentrates on making deliveries to their clients or rather shoppers making them avoid the time consuming trips to supermarkets for shopping. You only need to make a call or write to them. The cheap basket offers a variety of quality products to choose from these includes, alcoholic beverages; beer, Cognac, Champagne, Brandy, vodka, Whiskey, Rum and wine, baby food products, Butchery, Cigarettes and tobacco, Cold and Hot beverages, Fresh fruits and vegetables among others. The Cheap Basket is opened all day long.

AlphaMega Hyper Market

AlphaMega is one of the leading supermarkets in Cyprus. Its founder Mr Charalambides opened the first hyper market in Cyprus in 1958 and since then, its popularity has grown even beyond the island of Cyprus. AlphaMega's reputation was attained from it distinct products that it provided. The managers realized the need to bring Cyprus new products that they didn't have. Moreover, these products were the finest and most varied the local and imported commodities. AlphaMega took into consideration the satisfaction of their customers' preference and taste. AlphaMega offers a variety of products such as Butcheries where you can find all kinds of white and red meat, Beverages, groceries among others. AlphaMega is opened throughout.

In conclusion, these three are the leading supermarkets that can be found in Cyprus. As seen, they offer a wide range of products for you as a customer to choose from making your shopping in Cyprus fun and easy.

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