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Catching a Taxi in Cyprus

Taking a stroll around the historic island of Cyprus, you will probably notice just how many taxis are readily available, most of which are new, high-end vehicles. A Mercedes, with a special number plate which starts with the letter T, combined with a little sign that reads 'TAXI' are common place in the little streets of Cyprus. If you are looking for a standard four seater taxi, a six seater or even a minibus, there is a taxi in Cyprus to meet your needs.

taxi in cyprus cyprus - stretched mercedes style

Fancy Getting out of Town or the Resort?

When travelling around Cyprus you may be surprised to find that there is a lack of public transport, even for a population of near a million. But don't fret, instead of waiting for a bus you can hail or book a taxi in Cyprus. The great thing about booking/ catching a taxi in Cyprus is the friendly, informative and English speaking driver. No need to worry if your Greek language skills are not great, English is a welcome alternative, which gives you the ease of communicating with no language barriers.

What to Expect With a Taxi in Cyprus

The typical taxis in Cyprus are very comfortable stretch Mercedes Benz, with clean leather interiors. You'll always ride in style. They are either black or white and you can find a busy taxi stand in most towns. Rather than rely on a meter, agree a fare before heading to your destination.

Generally speaking, the majority of tourists do not encounter any problems when using a taxi, however it is worthwhile to consider the possibility of problems occurring. Be wary of the taxi driver taking you on a diversion. Even if you do not know where the taxi driver is going, it wouldn't hurt to drop a few hints that you know where you are headed. You could mention going to the your destination in the past and being impressed about how short the journey was. The last thing you want, especially when travelling on a budget, is being ripped off by a taxi driver and taking an unnecessary tour of the little island!

An important point to make is that a taxi can be ordered whilst you are walking around the streets, but if there is a specific place you need to be at a certain time, a taxi can be hired beforehand. An example would be going to the airport, even though taxis in Cyprus are readily available, just to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you should hire a taxi for important journeys.

Depending on the company or the self-employed driver, it is worthwhile knowing what to expect with the general cost. An average journey of thirty minutes would range between twenty five to thirty five euros. Normally, travelling during the night would cost more. Travelling between towns and cities could take the general cost to a much more expensive amount.

Overall, hiring a taxi in Cyprus, should be a smooth and comfortable experience. You can take comfort in knowing that all taxis are fully air-conditioned, allowing you to escape the Cypriot heat and enjoy the scenic routes of the Cyprus island.

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