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The Majestic Troodos Mountains Cyprus

The famous Troodos Mountains Cyprus are the biggest mountain range in Cyprus, culminating in the historic Mt. Olympus at 1,952 meters. It’s guaranteed that if you make it to the top, you feel like a God!

These incredible mountains stretch across the west side of Cyprus. You can stay at one of the fabulous luxury resorts that Troodos offers, or just make a day of it!

troodos mountains cyprus

You’re in for a real treat if you’re an architecture buff. The ancient Byzantine monasteries and churches sit triumphantly atop Troodos’ peaks. Experience the pure majesty and history of these old places of worship. Find old ruins that lurk in the valleys. Feel your jaw drop open as you behold the terraced hillsides.

These Mountains are loaded with easy and challenging hiking trails and nature walks. Don’t miss the opportunity to go skiing and snowboarding in the winter. And for the more adventurous, try off-roading in the summer!

The UNESCO World Heritage List honors those landmarks throughout the globe that exemplify the greatest remnants of human creation. There are a whopping NINE churches from Troodos on the UNESCO list. Now that’s impressive!

The Kykkos monastery is perhaps the most famous of them all. When you visit them, you are required by tourism laws to see this edifice. Ok….not legally required, but do yourself the favor.

The area surrounding the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus is known for its rich copper mines. It was once the great center of Byzantine culture and art. You truly must see it with your own eyes! The Troodos is also a hiker's dream with 14 nature trails to conquer.

The Troodos can easily be accessed from Larnaca airport via the A3. Take the A2 (to Lefkosia) and leave at Junction 4 (you will see football stadium on left. It's the Ikea turn off). Then take the A9, then B9 (single lane carriageway). See Google Maps below for details:

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