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Watersports in Cyprus for All Fitness Levels

I can’t possibly describe the fun that’s in store for you in Cyprus without discussing watersports in Cyprus.

The island of Cyprus has a great love for its waters and the adventures they provide. Everywhere you turn you find a shop selling water sport equipment or advertising lessons. Whether you are interested in fitness or leisure, your sure to get your spirits soaring.

Cyprus Beaches - Watersports in Cyprus

The options are endless in Cyprus. Do you love diving off of cliffs, or snorkeling in gentle waters? Maybe you’ve always wanted to experience parasailing? In Cyprus you can enroll in water games, or rent a kayak or banana boat.

Take the family out on one of those high powered speedboats. If you have a lot of money and want to impress your main squeeze, get a yacht for crying out loud!

You can get on the water, in the water, or under the water, for hours of fascination. The marine life of Cyprus is safe and intoxicating. From glass boats for fish-viewing or scuba diving for up-close-and-personal fish-viewing, you’re sure to experience the Mediterranean in a whole new way.

There’s a good handful of quality schools that cater for wake boarding and water ski-ing, if that’s your thing.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at kite surfing? There’s actually some decent wave spots and good swell in the South East Cyprus region AND all year round.

Most of these operators or schools are open from beginning of April to the end of October. You'll find the sea is warm and comfortable enough to swim in during that time. From raw experience, it starts getting a bit nippy after that.

These are just some of the adventures that await you in the waters of Cyprus. There’s an abundance of beaches in South East Cyprus that cater for watersports in Cyprus, with plenty of people to assist you.

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