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Weather Forecast Cyprus
All Year Round Weather...Well Very Nearly

No matter what season you choose to travel to Cyprus, you're sure to be in for a treat with an all year round weather forecast Cyprus.

The Mediterranean is a region that experiences the rich diversity of the seasons, free from harsh extremes. Boasting an average 340 sun drenched days a year, the weather is always on the bright side.

Cyprus actually has the warmest climate (and warmest winters) in the Mediterranean part of the European Union, due to it'a location on the Mediterranean Sea. That means that for most of the year you get to take part in water sports and mountain activities on the Troodos!

weather forecast cyprus - sun shining over aphrodites rock

Summer in Cyprus

Summertime in Cyprus means high temperatures and your typical beach weather. Where endless blue skies are accompanied by gentle breezes from the coast. The average annual temperature on the coast are around 24 deg C (75 deg F) during the day and 14 deg C (57 deg F) at night. Generally, the summer/holiday season lasts about 8 months (April to November).

Autumn in Cyprus

Autumn in Cyprus is still warm and sunny, but you get to see the leaves change and the Cypriot vineyards turn gold and crimson before your very eyes! The Kypria Festival is popular around this time, offering unsurpassed musical and dramatic performances. This season ends around November with average temperatures of 22 to 23 deg C (72 to 73 deg F) during the day and 12 to 14 deg C (54 to 57 deg F) at night.

Winter in Cyprus

Winter in Cyprus is of no discontent. On the contrary, the winter is a beautiful time to visit the island. There is rain, but still mixed with Cypriot sunshine! And don't forget Troodos for skiing and snowboarding! December, January, February and March temperatures sometimes exceeds 20 deg C (68 deg F).

Spring in Cyprus

Spring in Cyprus is when hope springs eternal, and this is truly a magical time. A time where rich pageant of red anemones and wildflowers seem to cover the island, and the weather forecast Cyprus stays ideal. It begins in April with average temperatures of 21 to 23 deg C (70 to 73 deg F) during the day and 11 to 13 deg C (52 to 55 deg F) at night.

Sea Temperatures in Cyprus

Average annual temperature of the sea in Cyprus is 21 to 22 deg C (70 to 72 deg F), from 17 deg C (63 deg F) in February to 27 to 28 deg C (81 to 82 deg F) in August (depending on the location). In a total of 7 months - from May to November - the average sea temperature exceeds 20 deg C (68 deg F). Good news if you're a windsurfer/ kitesurfer or surfer!

Troodos Weather

However, temperatures in the Troodos are much cooler, if you want a little mountain escape. Temperatures in the Troodos Mountains drop roughly by half...that is usually a good rule of thumb.

The weather forecast Cyprus data was provided by, 'Climate of Cyprus Wikipedia'

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